Manufacturing for Performance and Reliability

The manufacturing process was carried out with a balance between basic tools and CNC machining, in particular the use of a milling machine and lathe. While simplicity is a key part of the team’s ethos, the use of CNC machining allowed the engineers to create some more intricate designs in certain areas of the car to try and increase the performance whilst keeping the weight down. The team was keen to keep the bulk of manufacturing in house to allow the students to build the car themselves and to give them a greater understanding and knowledge of the CNC machine tools available and the sort of tolerances and finish quality associated with them.
The team has focused attention on reliability, cost effectiveness and simplicity in design; however this does not mean they have detracted from the car being used for the amateur weekend racer where weight and performance are crucial to give the best driving experience. Certain designs have been optimised to save weight, but not to the detriment of reliability. With it being the first year of what is a long term plan, City Racing want to give itself the best platform upon which to develop. That platform is to complete all dynamic events and achieve a final position which reflects the capabilities of the team and the effort that has been put into designing the car.

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